About Us

Wild Garden Naturals is family owned and operated.  We started making soap because we wanted to learn more about getting back to basics.  We’ve been making soap since 1999 (back when we had to stir the soap by hand).  Now we have the luxury of electronic scales and stick blenders which make our work easier but we still put our hearts and hands into making the best soap possible.   All of our recipes were designed by us and tested by our family and friends who have all been very pleased with the quality.

Our soaps are handmade from scratch in small batches to ensure quality and are made with the finest ingredients available.  We use extra virgin olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and some soaps may contain avocado oil, Hemp Seed oil, apricot kernel oil and additives such as goat’s milk, oatmeal, raw Texas honey, coffee grounds, various fine clays or activated charcoal. We use pure essential oils as well as high quality skin-safe fragrances.  We also offer unscented soaps for those with sensitivities.  We label our soap with every ingredient so you’ll know exactly what you are getting.

Why Handmade

Most commercial soaps are not soap at all, but detergent bars.  You’ll notice they say “bath bar” or “moisturizing bar” but they don’t say “soap”.  Our soap doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or preservatives like the commercial bars do.   It contains the glycerine that is generated during the Cold Process method so it is extra moisturizing to your skin. Our soap is slowly cured from 4 – 6 weeks for a milder and gentler bar.

Since our soaps are handmade and hand cut, the appearance and color may vary from batch to batch, but all bars are at least 4 ounces. Our soap is unique in that no 2 bars are ever the same.

So treat yourself to an indulgent bath or shower.  Everyone deserves to be pampered!

We hope you enjoy shopping.

Customer Reviews

Wild Garden Naturals makes no medical claims. Any comments containing references to a medical condition are solely the observations of the users.

“I love Wild Garden Naturals soaps!  They leave my skin feeling soft and smooth.  Just a little rub on my shower puff creates a rich lather that covers my whole body:  Plus, they don’t dry out my skin like other soaps so there’s less need for lotion.  I use the Tea Tree bar for my face.  It leaves my face feeling fresh and cool!  I will never use another brand again!”  Stacey H. – Houston, TX

“I purchased Wild Garden Naturals Mint soap and am tickled with this delightful little soap.  The size is just right for a hand soap.  The lather is smooth and silky.  It washes off clean, but doesn’t dry out the skin.  The fragrance is a mini-aromatherapy session.”  Denise  – Houston, TX

“The soap from Wild Garden Naturals was very easy on my skin.  There was no film left on my skin.  My skin was smooth and did not dry up around my nose like regular soap does to my face.  I would definitely recommend the soap.”  Sheryl F. – Houston, TX

“I started using the Mint soap on my face and I have seen instant improvements.  My skin is much lighter and smoother and I really enjoy using the soap.  I do plan to purchase more of the soaps in the near future.  Thanks, Wild Garden Naturals!”  Jessica – Houston, TX

“The soap from Wild Garden Naturals is great!  I’ve cleaned my hands, body and even my iron.  Thanks!”  Genaro – Houston, TX

“The Oatmeal soap does work.  I tried out a small sample for my son and it moisturized his skin.  I could see results as soon as I used it.”  Monica – Houston, TX

“I purchased a bar of Peppermint soap and I LOVE it.  I keep it in my kitchen for hand odors: fish, onions, etc.  It is GREAT.  Keep up the good work.”  Marilyn – Houston, TX

“With all the talk about MRSA (the Super Bug) that is going around, I am very grateful that my favorite little hand soap is not made with chemical antibacterials, which actually contribute to antibiotic resistance.  My children love it and so they wash their hands longer.  I have given it as gifts and the people I have given it to have found it to be an enjoyable treat (not to eat).”  Monique J. – Houston, TX




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